Maria Mueller

Maria Mueller
Hex Barrel

Inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch barn paintings seen in the countryside near her hometown of Annville, Pennsylvania, Maria Mueller has been inspired to create decorative folk art styled acrylic paintings. Having lived in Athens for the last five years, she is continually intrigued by these ornate hex signs. The rosettes, stars, and circles have a connection to the sun, nature, and the celestial.
Maria has a background as an art educator but now enjoys creating a series of paintings in various sizes and color palettes. She love to create variations of the traditional hex signs on canvas as well as original designs. She can make paintings commissioned to complement any home décor.

The whimsical, weathered textured background she creates in her work are complimented by stylized birds and decorative geometric images. The bright colors, rich texture and metallic accents are sealed with a shiny acrylic clear coat. Her paintings put a personal twist on a traditional art form that symbolizes love, happiness and good luck.
Maria Mueller, Hex Barrel