Field Status

To protect the vitality of our fields over the long-term and for the safety of our patrons, ACC may close fields for a variety of reasons. Most field closures are caused by weather. Heavy or prolonged rains can close our fields sometimes for days even after the rain ends as we wait for the fields to dry out. Play on wet or soggy fields is not only a hazard to the players but also exposes the turf to permanent damage which can take multi-month closures to rehabilitate.

Select a park below to see the status of all fields at that park. Please note that an open status only indicates that the field is in an operational condition at the time of the update. All organized sports, events, and commercial activities require a permit which can be obtained through our athletics offices. Please call 706-613-3991 for more information on obtaining a permit.

  1. Bishop
  2. East Athens
  3. Holland
  4. Lay
  5. Rocksprings
  6. Sandy Creek
  7. Satterfield
  8. Southeast
  9. Walker Park

Fields 1-3 are reserved softball/multipurpose fields.  Sunset field is an unreserved multipurpose field.

Field 1
Call 706-613-3589 for reservations.
Field 2
Call 706-613-3589 for reservations.
Field 3
Call 706-613-3589 for reservations.
Field 4 (Sunset)

Status Conditions:
OPEN -- Field is operational.
CLOSED  -- Field is closed due to the noted reason.  All use is prohibited to protect both users and the facility.
SPECIAL EVENT -- Field has been reserved in conjunction with a special event and is not available for normal use.

This page is updated at 3 PM Monday through Friday, at 8 AM on Saturday, and at Noon on Sunday.  This page will not be updated after those times each day.  If conditions change after the update, a determination will be made on site.