Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Now a Better Water Meter

Faster, better, and more accurate – the ACC Public Utilities Department changed from manually read meters to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System. Meters were replaced with the same positive displacement meters relied on and used throughout ACC for decades. Water use is measured in the same way, but the AMI System provides updated technology for collecting water consumption data.

Printable AMI Brochure 

How do I read my new meter?

The video demonstrates how to read the new meter.  It also illustrates how the meter alerts customers to suspected leaks.  

Additionally, the meter can be used to assist in determining if a leak is inside or outside of the home. To do so, you need access to the shut-off valve in the home or building.  This is often found in the crawl space, basement, or near where water enters the home/building.

  1. Look at meter and determine the flow rate. (Step 5 of video)
  2. Turn off water to the home or building using the shut-off valve.
  3. Return to meter and again look at the flow rate.
    • Does the meter show a flow rate?  If so, the leak is outside of the home.
    • Does the meter now show a flow rate of 0.00?  If so, the leak is past the shut-off valve.
AMI Meter information

Why was the metering system changed?

This new automated system is more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than manual meter reading

Benefits for our customers:

  • Highly accurate data collection decreases the possibility of incorrect manual meter readings,
  • Allows us to provide you with timely information on your water use and cost,
  • Water leaks can be identified in a very timely manner, reducing wasted water and helping to prevent water bill increases due to leaks,
  • Meters are read hourly instead of once a month,
  • Customer service representatives can initiate new accounts, close existing accounts & address billing questions far more quickly and efficiently,
  • Low-power radio signals transmit information from your water meter without staff having to open the meter box or step onto the your property.
  • After the entire system is up and running, an online portal will assist customers in managing and monitoring their water consumption.

How does it work?

Low-power radio signals record, store, and transmit information from your water meter to transmitters mounted on existing towers, water tanks, or utility poles.

Questions or more details on our new AMI system: 
Water Business Office at 706-613-3479 or