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Paint is a recyclable item, just like cans, bottles, and paper. But it requires special handling in order to properly recycle it. First, know that paint is not recyclable in curbside bins or at drop off sites. Bring all liquid paints (not dried) to the ACC CHaRM, 1005 College Avenue.

Follow these simple guidelines before and after your next paint project.

Buy Right - Be a wise consumer and buy only what you need. Your local paint retailer can help you buy the correct volume of paint for your project.

Store Properly - When you store paint properly it will last longer. For best results, cover the opening of the paint can with plastic wrap and securely seal the lid so it won’t dry out. Write the room name on the lid for future touch ups. Store cans indoors where they won’t freeze or get wet. Be sure to choose a safe location out of reach of children and pets.

Use It Up - Leftover paint can be used for touch-ups or for smaller projects. You can also use the extra latex paint as a base coat on larger jobs. If you can’t make use of the paint yourself, ask a neighbor or local community organization if they can use it.

Recycle the Rest - The ACC Recycling Division accepts residential quantities of paint all the time at the ACC Solid Waste Department during normal businesses hours. We work with Atlanta Paint Disposal to responsible recycle both latex and oil based paints.  

Dry and Dispose Properly - If your paint is dried out, it is beyond recycling for reuse and should be disposed of with garbage. Keep in mind that garbage is solid waste only. If your paint has any liquid, pop the lid and let dry completely before disposing or add a drying agent to the can such as saw dust or kitty litter.