ACC Solid Waste Facility Tours

Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department leads tours of our Recycling, Compost, Landfill, and CHaRM facilities on a regular basis. We host school groups, community organizations, and businesses, as well as groups of individuals. We try our best to accommodate everyone but we do have a minimum of 10 people per scheduled tour. To schedule a tour, please complete our tour request form below. You will be contacted by our staff via email to confirm the date and time your tour will take place. For individuals or groups of less than 10, please email to request to join another scheduled tour.

Anyone participating in a tour must wear closed-toe shoes. Hard hats, safety vests, and eye protection will be provided. The Recycling Center tour involves stairs and the majority of the tour is not wheelchair accessible; however, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate all participants. Please note our age restrictions for each facility in the information below.

For questions and additional information please contact the Recycling Division at (706) 613-3501 ext. 8 or via email at 

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Recovered Material Processing Facility (aka RMPF or the Recycling Center)

Mason teachingDescription: Get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of recycling. The RMPF collects, sorts, and bales recyclable materials from all over Athens and beyond to be sold to mills and factories throughout the Southeast. They then turn your recyclables into new products to be purchased by consumers. 

Address: 699 Hancock Industrial Way, Athens, GA 30605

Length of presentation and tour:  45-60 mins

Ages Permitted: 8 years old and up, for participants under the age of 12, there is a requirement of one adult chaperone per 10 children.

Presentation Style: Combination of projected slides, videos, hands-on materials, and live viewing of the operations.Kids MRF tour


  • Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Benefits of Recycling
  • What can be recycled in Athens
  • Where does it go?
  • History and Basic Facility Information
  • Facility Process and Equipment
  • Facility Tour

Handicap Accessibility: Majority of the facility tour involves stairs and is not handicap accessible; however, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate all participants. Classroom is handicap accessible.


  • Indoors with a small outdoor portion 
  • Dust, odors, loud noises, beeping, and potential rodents 
  • Stairs with grates
  • Moving conveyor belts and heavy equipment

 Safety Precautions: This is a working facility with moving equipment. All safety precautions must be followed by all tour participants.

  • Must wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. No heels, flip-flops, or sandals.
  • Must wear attire appropriate for a visit to a working facility. No loose-fitting clothing like skirts, ties, or capes. Tie back long hair and remove dangling jewelry.
  • ACC Recycling will provide additional protective gear, including bump caps, safety glasses, and hi-visibility vests.


  • Parking is limited so carpooling is recommended.
  • For participants arriving by car, please park at our Solid Waste Department Administration Building parking lots at 725 Hancock Industrial Way.
  • Buses will be directed where to unload and then shown where to park.
  • ONLY one bus is permitted for larger groups, additional buses may unload at the Recycling Center and then park at the Solid Waste Admin Building at 725 Hancock Industrial Way.

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