Benefits of Being Blue

The Certified Blue program helps restaurants, bars, and institutions in Athens-Clarke County use less water and promote efficient water use. The Certified Blue program encourages employees and customers a to be efficient water users where they work, dine, and socialize. The program is 100% free.

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Reduce water use in your establishment to lower water, wastewater, and energy costs. You will receive:

  • an annual water use check-up and update of your usage trends,
  • high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valve(s). (One valve can save up to 200 gallons of water per day),
  • aerators for bathroom and hand-washing sinks that use less water and are easy to install.


Let your water efficient ways be known! Being Certified Blue gives you great opportunities for publicity. Earn a formal Certified Blue certificate and decal to display in your business. Add a digital logo in advertising, menus, and promotional items. Your Certified Blue achievement is recognized on, in the WaterSource Newsletter that is mailed to about 35,000 water customers in Athens-Clarke County, and within social media promotions.

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Protect our community's resources. Reducing your water use lessens the impact on our local water supplies and our water and wastewater system. Choose from the following materials that provide tips and facts on water efficiency and let patrons know that your restaurant helps to protect our water resources:

  • Water Conservation Coloring Books and crayons,
  • Lily Anne Phibian coloring sheets and crayons,
  • Coasters,
  • Certified Blue bathroom signage,
  • Certified Blue buttons for staff,
  • Certified Blue hand washing station signage,
  • and more!

More Information


To be Certified Blue, your facility must be a customer of the Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department, in compliance with all laws and ordinances, and up to date with all county tax payments.