Dan Smith

Dan Smith
Spontaneous Monsterification with Rain on My Brain!

Dan was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1974. He received both a BFA in Painting and a MAEd in Art Education from the University of Georgia. Dan aka See Dan Paint, is known for a cartoonish pop art style of painting that draws heavily on influences from the Saturday morning cartoons of his childhood, punk rock culture, and the art of skateboards. Spontaneous Monsterfication is a technique that Smith developed that utilizes spontaneously painted cartoon and monster faces to enhance open areas in his paintings through a jigsaw arrangement of shapes and faces. He is currently an elementary school art teacher and resides in Athens, Georgia with his wife, Katie, and two daughters, Chloe and Caitlin.

Artist Statement:
The therapeutic nature of the creation of art is sufficient in fueling my desire to create art. Artists are often asked to name their favorite artist. It is almost expected that the artist will answer by naming “master artists” like Picasso, Van Gogh, or etc. I do agree those gentlemen played an important role in shaping “art”. My answer differs. The art that has influenced my artwork the most is that of cartoons, punk rock album art, and the skateboard artist. I watched cartoons and read comics and comic books growing up. The art on skateboard decks and in Thrasher magazine in the late 80’s and early 90’s provided a spark of interest that exploded into my career in Art. It was the art of Mark Gonzales and Ed Templeton that I found exciting through the energy that was created in their minimal graphic style. My art has transformed and changed over the years from abstract non-objective art to my own cartoonish doodlish style of painting and art-making. I like to make up words. I also believe art should be fun. I am able to escape reality and travel into the cartoonish landscape and spaces I create. Many of these places are places I visited when I was a kid, so in a way I refuse to grow up.    
Dan Smith, Spontaneous Monsterification with Rain on My Brain!