Cindy Jamison and Teresa Yoder

Cindy Jamison and Teresa Yoder
As Summer Begins...

Cindy has a passion for animals and all things creative. She grew up watching her sister and mother’s amazing artistic talent and learned the importance of embracing ones creative side.

Says Cindy, "I love to take items that have been tossed aside and forgotten, such as an old muddy flower pot, and turn it into something beautiful. I find myself creating stories of who once owned the item…if they loved gardening and animals; I let my imagination run wild when I paint! My favorite, yet bittersweet, thing to paint are memory stones for people that have lost their pets. Hearing their stories and having the opportunity to represent their furry companion brings me a peace like no other.”

Terese Yoder is a native of Georgia. She has an Associates of Art in Art. Teresa is an artist, crafter and jewelry artisan. She is particularly fond of making one of a kind pieces using new and repurposed jewelry. She enjoys working on projects with her sister, Cindy Jamison. Even though their style is different, it always comes together and meshes well. Their mom is also quite the artist and she has learned so much throughout the years watching her craft.

Cindy Jamison and Teresa Yoder, As Summer Begins