Sustainable Industry Roundtables

The Sustainable Industry Roundtable (SIR) is a group of forward-thinking business leaders and residents with a focus of sustainability in the business world organized by ACCGov Solid Waste's Recycling Division. The group was started in August 2010 through a partnership between the ACC Environmental Coordinator, ACC Recycling Division and Power Partners, Inc.

Meetings are hosted quarterly at different locations with guest speakers discussing topics pertaining to green industry issues (meetings are the third Thursday each quarter; time 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM; location varies)

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Upcoming quarterly meeting dates

Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 8:00 AM

JJunk South removalunk South
4120 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605 

Junk South is the premier full-service junk removal and roll-off dumpster rental company in Athens, GA, committed to community betterment through a hands-on approach as well as protection of the environment through mindful collection, sorting, and diversion services.

Since 2011, Junk South has diverted thousands of tons of waste from landfills. Recycling efforts are not just limited to their full-service junk removal. Their R.I.P. Roll-Off dumpsters are an industry first as each load is sorted off-site before heading to the landfill. Rest in peace knowing your junk is headed toward a green future.

At Junk South, they are committed to protecting the environment while enhancing people’s lives. With a little imagination, it’s easy to see how used toys, clothes, furniture, and more might be used to help invent a better life for someone. To that end, their staff is trained to see possibilities where others see junk and to have the familiarity and know-how to make sure your junk’s potential is reached. Whether your item has the potential for a new life or a new home, the R.I.P. Guarantee ensures your junk will reach a local charity or recycling center before it ever reaches a landfill.

At Junk South, they take reuse and recycling seriously. Their commitment to the environment ensures that if your “junk” cannot be donated or reused, it still finds a proper home. They call it the Rest In Peace Assurance.

Come learn more about Junk South and their sustainability efforts.

If you are interested in hosting a meeting, please contact the Recycling Division.

Previous Meetings

Thursday, August 19, 2021- UGA Green Labs Program


The University of Georgia Green Labs program is committed to making UGA research labs more sustainable and efficient by reducing resource use, decreasing waste, and implementing best practices and technologies. Research laboratories have a substantial environmental footprint, using up to 10 times the resources of a classroom or office, and generating an estimated 25 times the waste. Researchers can reduce their environmental and social impact by embracing Green Labs initiatives. In addition to improving research processes, participants also benefit from prolonging the life of research equipment, better protecting research samples, and experiencing advantages in funding their research. This program was created by scientists for scientists to improve upon our research standards at UGA. 

February 18, 2021- Introduction to TRUE

Join us to learn more about TRUE, a zero waste program, and how it can help your facility go beyond recycling. Want to learn more about the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) program? TRUE projects are changing the conversation about waste by re-thinking everything that comes in and out of a facility from an upstream approach and viewing every material as a resource. We are asking businesses, campuses, and communities to go beyond recycling by reducing, reusing, rethinking, and redesigning their processes.

This virtual presentation will provide an in-depth understanding of effective zero waste strategies such as the difference between a waste audit and a zero waste audit, showcase project case studies and give an overview of the TRUE Advisor professional credential.

Feel free to review the many resources on our website,