Ripple Effect Film Project 2020

World Water Day

Calling all young, budding filmmakers! We are planting the seeds of filmmaking, now just add water and watch you grow.

Join the Ripple Effect Film Project by creating a short film about water.  Finalists submissions will be shown at the Morton Theatre on World Water Day, March 22, 2020.   

This year the film contest is open to Pre-K through 12th-grade filmmakers of all experience levels in Athens-Clarke County and neighboring counties. Entries can be submitted by an individual or team. EXTENDED DEADLINE:  Films must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on February 15, 2020.  No entry fees; cash prizes will be awarded!  

New to filmmaking?  For help with your film, visit our How-To Guide for Making Short Films.
What does your film need?  See the Ripple Effect Rubric to make your blockbuster
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  1. Drought
  2. Journey of a Raindrop
  3. Keepin' it Clean
  4. Fix a Leak Week/WaterSense


A drought is a prolonged period of time with abnormally low rainfall.  Drought conditions can lead to water shortages in Athens and require restrictions on water use.  Other communities may need to travel far distances to access fresh water when a drought occurs. 
Ideas to get you started:  What would a drought mean to you and your community?  How can being water-efficient during times of non-drought help a community when drought hits?  What tips or suggestions would you suggest during drought?  

United States Drought Monitor
Weather Wiz Kids
University of Nebraska National Drought Mitigation Center
Drought in Georgia
Outdoor Water Use Schedule 

Best Overall Award Winner 2019

Congratulations to Alora Plemmons, winner of the Best Overall Award.  In her video, Ocean View, Alora used humor to alert people to the dangers plastic straws create for sea life when not disposed of properly.  
Visit the Lily Anne Phibian YouTube channel to view the entire playlist of 2019 Ripple Effect Film Project Finalist films.