Jury Message


You have reached the Jury Message Line.  Listen carefully and follow these instructions for your report time.  We are staggering juror report times to take extra precaution and ensure your safety during entry through security and jury check in.  You will report at specific staggered times based on your summons number located on your summons above your name.  Please report on time AT your specific time.  If you park in the Courthouse parking deck, allow five minutes for the outside walk to the Classic Center Foundry Street Plaza to enter the Foundry Ballrooms.  If you park in the Classic Center parking deck, please stay in your car until your specific check in time. Please read your summons carefully and go online to complete your Questionnaire to prevent yourself from standing in two lines. Bring your summons and your parking ticket with you inside the building.  Please social distance from other jurors in line by staying six feet apart and wear a mask.

Jurors with summons number 1-100 report to security at the Classic Center Foundry Ballroom at 8:00 am. 

Jurors with summons number 101-200 report to security at 8:20 am.

Jurors with summons number 201-330 report to security at 8:40 am. 

For safety reasons, please do not get in line early or late and report at the scheduled time you are assigned.

Again, remember to social distance from other jurors in line by staying six feet apart.  Wear a mask!  Thank you