I Will Not Pre-Rinse

I will not pre-rinse in 2012.
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Stop Pre-Rinsing Your Dishes!

Dishwashers are now more efficient than ever! No more need to pre-rinse those dishes unless you like wasting your time, water, energy, and money. Scrape the leftover food into the trash and use a paper towel to wipe off any remaining fats, oils, or grease (yucky FOG). Load the dish into the dishwasher and use the time you would have spent pre-rinsing to work on your exercise resolution.

Energy-efficient dishwashers use up to five gallons of water to wash an entire load. Pre-rinsing dishes uses up to 25 additional gallons of water. Hand washing dishes with the water running can use up to 27 gallons for a sink load.

If giving up pre-rinsing makes you feel a little crusty, try using the dishwasher’s built in rinse only cycle prior to running the full load. This cycle typically uses only one gallon of water.

Save time and water. Isn't that easy? Conserve: WATER U waiting 4?

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