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Added to the Stormwater Gallery November 2011

Blue Feature: extreme water conservation and reuse

gallery framesEcowash is not your average carwash. Located at the intersection of Barnett Shoals Road and Lexington Road, Ecowash carwash and detailing center is a business that has the environment in mind.

Blue Features? The Ecowash features a number of elements that benefit local creeks and rivers.

  • 95% of water used for washing cars is captured and stored to be reused.
  • Recycled water is purified removing solid particles, floating oils, debris and trash.
  • All cleaners used onsite are VOC free.
  • Provides environmentally friendly
    fundraising for charities.

Why does this matter? 

Water conservation allows water in our rivers to stay in our rivers, ensuring that they keep a healthy flow.

Reducing the number of harmful chemicals used to clean cars keeps wastewater easier to treat at sanitation facilities. Download the Non-toxic cleaners recipe booklet to make some for use in your home.

Many people wash their cars at home but this often leads to soap and grime flowing into a storm drain and straight into a nearby creek. Ecowash offers a sustainable way to get your car clean without impacting local waterways, while using less water to do it!

Be sure to check out their Charity Carwash program. It's important to raise money for your cause but, it is equally important that you don't pollute rivers and creeks at the same time. Ecowash offers a program to benefit charities with each car that visit Ecowash.

Ecowash is able to operate a business that is profitable and environmentally sensitive, a perfect balance we should all aim to strike.