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What is Water Conservation and What Does it Mean to You?

Water conservation means to use water wisely. All living things need water, including people, plants, and animals. There are lots of things we can do around the house to save water.

Water tip of the week:

Did you know if you leave the water running while washing your hands you can waste about 4 gallons per minute? Turn off the tap when lathering up to stop unused water from flowing down the drain.

Activities and Games

Lily Anne Phibian cheers for water conservation and so can you!

Click HERE to discover the wonders of water with Project WET's new website.
Cartoon of Lily Anne Phibian the WCO mascot

Want a watery word

Click HERE to print off our water conservation
word find.

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Test your water knowledge with Flo, but don’t run into the water wasting monsters!

Click HERE to try out the EPA’s WaterWise Test.

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