Effective May 1, 2022,

All NEW and RENEWING notary public applicants must complete the online notary training and exam and pass with a score of 90% or above (available at: 

There is a $2 fee associated with the exam.

Two test attempts are available with each exam purchase. This exam will evaluate your mastery of the material covered in the Notary Public online training course. Before attempting to take the test, please complete the Notary Public online training course at the link above. 

All applicants must bring their completed application and the exam Certificate of Completion, to the Athens-Clarke County Clerk of Courts office for processing within 30 days of the online entry but before expiration (for renewals).

Notary public applicants must arrive before 4:30PM for their notary applications to be processed.

Notice to all security deed filers

While HB 974 becomes effective on July 1, 2023, this office strongly recommends that you immediately begin including the information mandated in that legislation.

Clerks of Superior Court believe that including the nine items required will result in significantly fewer rejections by our offices.

Thanks for your attention to this request.

HB 974 – Security Deed page one mandated information 

Summary: Requires that the following information appear on the first page of all security deeds and that clerks offer eFiling for all real and personal property types. 

  1. The date of the document; 
  2. The names of the signatories of the document;
  3. The grantee’s mailing address;
  4. Map and parcel identification information, if applicable;
  5. The original loan amount or the amount of any outstanding principal and additional advance pursuant to a loan modification;
  6. The initial maturity date or dates for such debt;
  7. The amount, if any, of the intangible recording tax imposed on such deed to secure debt;
  8. The amount, if any, of the intangible recording tax imposed for an additional advance secured by a security deed; and
  9. If no intangible tax is imposed, a citation to the authority providing for an exemption of such tax.

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Introducing Kofile QuickLinks! Visit the website listed above for Clarke County Deed records for years 1801-1984.

Set up your free account. Please note that images will be distorted until purchased. Once purchased, the image will always remain in your history.


(Effective January 1, 2022)

The Athens-Clarke County Superior Court Clerk’s office is proud to announce mandatory UCC eFiling becomes effective JANUARY 1, 2022.  In an effort to provide ease and convenience, Athens-Clarke County Superior Court Clerk’s office, in conjunction with the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority, has developed an online electronic filing portal.  Go to, register and begin filing electronically.

We hope that you find this service to be beneficial as Athens-Clarke County Superior Court Clerk’s office continues to explore and implement new ways to improve services delivered to the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

Service Update - 

  • The Clerk of Superior/State Court’s Office is open.  Our public terminals and lobby for civil and criminal records are open.    We ask that you use our public docket over the internet to search court records.  Anyone wishing to file in a civil or criminal case are encouraged to efile.  All real estate recordings should also be efiled. The Deed Room is open. 
  • We encourage everyone to use our online docket at to research and print court records. Deed, lien and plat indexes and images are available at
  • During this time, we are sharing our 1962-1988 Grantor/Grantee Indexes at 1984 to present is available at Many deed images are available on, even if the index does not exist.



Please visit to access updated forms.  


Please visit /DocumentCenter/View/65695 to access new fees.



          $10.00- PLATS



The Clerk of Superior & State Courts now accepts Civil Efiling. Please visit to take advantage of this service.


Introducing…Print Anytime Anywhere!

We are proud to announce the arrival of a NEW print option in our public docket system! With this feature, you will be able to view available documents before adding them to your cart for a small fee per document, and a processing fee. 

You can order and print available documents at your convenience, as needed, from anywhere! It’s fast and easy! 

Visit to take advantage of this wonderful new service.


****NEW JUSTICEPATH Mobile App****

The Clerk of Courts is very proud to announce the new version of JusticePath Mobile. This free app will display the daily update of all Superior and State Court docket events, organized by calendar date and searchable by Party Name, Case Number, Judge, and other fields. Simply touch the screen on the red banner to search. 



Don’t be a Victim. Always call the Clerk’s Office at 706-613-3190 or the Athens-Clarke County Police at 706-546-5900 or the Clarke County Sheriff 706-613-3250 to verify the summons or the warrant.

July 23, 2014 6:04 PM 

Scam Alert: Citizens Are Receiving Scam Calls

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department has received two complaints today from concerned citizens who have received suspicious calls.

In one incident, the victim received a call from a male who identified himself as ACCPD Sergeant Parker. He said he had court documents concerning her and needed an email address so he could send them to her. She gave him an address and when she received the documents, it was an arrest warrant signed by a local judge. A short time later the suspect called back and told her to send a certain amount of money on different cards. Once the money was sent, she was instructed to call him or Lieutenant Scarborough and they would “take care of the warrant.”

In the second incident, the victim received a similar call involving jury duty. The victim was directed by "Officer Parker" to secure an amount of money and wire it to them and they would take care of the "warrant."

Citizens should remember: 

• Police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and officers of the court do not call and ask for personal or financial information or to inform them they have warrants. There is never an instance where you can send money and have the warrant “taken care of.” Never send any money via wire transfers for requests such as this.

• Scammers will "spoof" telephone numbers so it appears the call is coming from a legitimate organization. “Spoofing” is when scammers use a device that will allow the telephone network to display a number on the recipients’ caller ID display that is not the actual originating station.

Another common scam involves a call that a relative has been arrested and needs money sent to get them out of jail. Sometimes the caller will have a person get on the line and pretend to be the relative. This line usually has a “bad connection” so the potential victim cannot recognize the “relative’s” voice. If this type call is received, hang up and call the relative at their number to verify if they are actually in need of your assistance.

Always remember - never give out personal information (date of birth, bank or credit card information, etc.) over the telephone – especially to strangers. Never let a stranger know you are home alone, when you will be away, or if you have an alarm system.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up and call the Central Communications non-emergency line at (706) 546-5900 to determine if a police officer or sheriff’s deputy has attempted to contact you.




We are pleased to provide an Attorney Issued Witness Subpoena and Attorney Issued Subpoena for Production of Evidence in a fill-in Word document.

The forms are located under the Online Documents/Clerk of Superior/ Forms/ACC Forms.

These subpoenas are for Attorney issuance only and have been prepared for Athens-Clarke County Superior and State Court cases. No subpoena shall issue unless a case has been filed in the above mentioned courts. The fee for Clerk’s signature and seal on either Witness Subpoena or Production of Evidence Subpoena is still $5.00.

Pursuant to OCGA 24-13-21(c-h), this subpoena form is being provided to the attorney of record and shall be completed prior to service upon the witness. If an individual misuses a subpoena, he or she shall be subject to punishment for contempt of court and shall be punished by a fine of not more than $300.00 or not more than 20 days imprisonment, or both. A witness may contact the Clerk of Court’s office to verify this subpoena was issued for a valid case.


Hazardous Site Inventory July 1, 2014 

The State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division has filed the Hazardous Site Inventory as of July 1, 2014 with the Clerks’ of Superior Court of Georgia. We have placed a copy of this report on our web page under the Hazardous Site Inventory in our document section for your convenience. 


Georgia Dept. of Driver Services (DDS) Launches Secure ID Program for GA Drivers License & ID Cards

Starting July 3, 2012, all Georgia residents who are applying for their first GA Drivers License (DL) and/or Identification Card (ID), and those who are renewing an existing GA DL/ID, or who are reinstating a suspended DL, will be issued a Secure ID.

A Secure ID ensures that Georgia will continue to produce the most secure Driver’s License’s (DL) and identification (ID) cards that our state has ever produced. It will also place Georgia in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act of 2005, which prohibits the federal government from accepting drivers licenses or IDs issued by non-compliant states to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building. The new Secure ID process will be phased-in with existing licenses and IDs remaining valid until the expiration date.

For more information on the new Secure ID, frequently asked questions and the DDS brochure click view the new requirements and this will take you to the documents


Beverly Logan, Constitutional Officer of the Year
Athens-Clarke County Clerk of Superior Court, Beverly Logan, was awarded the highest honor bestowed on a Constitutional Officer at the 2011 Fall Conference of Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia. Clerk Logan was awarded Officer of the Year by her peers from across the State. The Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia consists of the 159 county Sheriffs, Probate Judges, Tax Commissioners and Clerks of Superior Court. 

The clerk of courts is the clerk of Superior Court and the clerk of State Court. The clerk of courts keeps the official record of all civil and criminal actions filed in each court, the minutes of the courts, notary appointments, and requested filings of DD2-14 form from U.S. military service personnel, which is a certificate of release or discharge from active duty. The clerk of Superior Court is also the official custodian for all land records.