Neighborhood Advisory Committee

Part of the creation of the NNI included the formation of a 10-member Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) tasked with monitoring the success of the program during the first year. The NAC met throughout the year in 2007 and concluded their work with a report to the Mayor and Commission that summarized their observations, concerns, and findings regarding the NNI and neighborhood planning in general. The 10 members, appointed by Mayor Heidi Davison, represent the eight regular and two super commission districts. Some resided within organized neighborhoods with active associations and others resided in unorganized or organizing areas. 

A link to their report can be found here.

NAC Members

  • District 01: Gail Hoge
  • District 02: Marsh Williams
  • District 03: Patricia Huff
  • District 04: Sara Beresford
  • District 05: John Huie
  • District 06: Ed Sandor
  • District 07: Walter Smith
  • District 08: Claire Boyd
  • District 09: Lee Carmon
  • District 10: Fred Smith