Quality of Life Issues

Pet Waste

It is illegal for owners in Athens-Clarke County to allow their pet to defecate or urinate at all on any private property unless it is their own. If their pet defecates on public property such as sidewalks, streets, or parks, it must be removed immediately. Feces must also be promptly removed from any private property not under the exclusive use of the owner such as in condo or apartment complexes. Residents finding feces in their yards can call Animal Services at 706-613-3540 for help if they can identify the offender and are willing to provide a written statement.

Animals In Vehicles

Animal Services continues to observe residents driving around town with unconfined dogs in the beds of their pickups. Do not let your dog ride in an open truck bed - it is illegal in Athens-Clarke County. An estimated 100,000 dogs in the United States die each year by being bumped from truck beds onto the road and into traffic. Also, do not leash your pet inside a truck bed. Many dogs have been strangled when bumped over the sides of trucks and left helplessly dangling. If your dog must ride in the back of the truck, put him or her in a crate secured to the truck bed.

Shelter for Domestic Animals

Local ordinances state that "all domestic animals shall be provided with protection from the elements." Upon receiving a complaint, the owners are usually given a warning and a date by which to provide shelter for the animal. If the compliance date has passed and the animal is observed in the elements without shelter, a citation is usually issued. To report an animal without shelter during inclement weather call Animal Services at 706-613-3540. Please have the address where the animal is located when calling.

Other Ordinances

Athens-Clarke County Animal Services encourages citizens to keep their cats indoors for their safety and the protection of wildlife. Since November 2007, it is illegal for dog owners to chain their animals as a means of confinement.