Barking Dogs

Animal Services receives several complaints every week concerning barking dogs. The ordinance reads that that an owner cannot allow his dog to disturb the peace of any other person by loud, persistent, habitual barking, howling, growling, yelping, or whining.

We handle complaints of barking dogs during regular business hours only. We respond to these complaints by issuing a written warning to the owner at the time of the first complaint. A written warning must be issued first. If we receive another complaint within 90 days of the warning being served, we will issue a citation to the owner provided that at least two adult witnesses sign a written statement for the same day, time, and event, and agree to appear in Municipal Court to testify about the complaint. 

Once the initial warning has been issued another will not be given during the 90 days, even if it is a different complainant.  After the 90 days, if the barking continues the process would start over with a warning being issued first.

The Barking Dog Complaint Form should be completed for a date after the warning has been issued, if the barking continues.
View the Barking Dogs Complaint Form (PDF).