Accelerated Youth Dance Programs

For the highly motivated student who is inspired to excel in dance! Students are accepted into the accelerated programs by audition or recommendation of the EAEDC teaching staff. Children ages 6-15 years with at least one year of dance training. These programs offer intensive technical training to develop and strengthen posture, placement, flexibility, balance, coordination, and rhythm.

The student is expected to improve movement quality, and gain a greater understanding of dance theory and composition. The criteria for acceptance and retaining a position in an accelerated program are as follows: The student’s overall approach to dance needs to be one that exceeds expectations. The student should be highly focused, dedicated, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and possess excellent leadership skills. The student is expected to work to his/her fullest potential at all times. The student should also be a quick learner, be very alert and confident, and enjoy being challenged. Classes run for 8 weeks.

Call the East Athens Educational Dance Center at 706-613-3624 for more information.