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Project of the Week

Weatherly Woods Drive Drainage Project

This project includes the replacement of an existing 36" metal Stormwater pipe carrying a live stream that has failed with a 72" concrete stormwater pipe. The proposed system consists of 88 feet of 72" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), 2 headwalls, 2 flumes, 500 feet of curb & gutter, 2 driveway aprons, and 1,333 square yards of roadway reconstruction.

Transportation & Public Works staff is constructing a temporary road for citizen access during construction. Completion is anticipated for fall 2018.

The budget for this project is $200,000 and is being funded by the Stormwater Utility Enterprise Fund.

You can find more updates to on-going projects on the Manager's Snapshot.

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Our Mission

Our staff is committed to ensuring a high quality of life for current and future generations living in Athens-Clarke County by providing safe and efficient:

  • Roadways, bikeways, and walkways
  • Traffic control and guidance systems
  • Public stormwater collection and conveyance systems
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