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Information Center

Confused about what bus you should take? Questions about the time your bus travels? Looking for a route schedule? Interested in purchasing a bus pass for frequent travel? Athens Transit provides an information center staffed with courteous people who can answer your questions and help you catch a ride!

Info_Center02 The information center is located at the Multimodal Transit Center (MMTC):

775 E. Broad St.

Athens, GA 30603

The MMTC is behind the Classic Center. Parking for visitors is located on the ground level of the Classic Center parking deck with entrances on Thomas Street, East Broad Street, and Foundry Street. There is a pedestrian walkway bridge to the MMTC that can be accessed from the second floor of the parking deck. There is also a 30 minute parking lot at the Multimodal Center.

Multimodal Transit Center 

Serving the needs of the Athens-Clarke County community, the MMTC provides a safe, efficient, accessible, and integrated transportation facility that supports the interface for various existing transportation modes, such as Athens Transit. The community's transportation system and the MMTC facility must also embrace alternative modes of transportation as they become available and provide a practical level of interconnection between the modes.

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