Porous Paving Projects

Permeable pavers Flickr Scoobyfoo.jpgporous-pavingAthens-Clarke County is exploring the use of porous paving in suitable applications. Porous materials are designed to allow stormwater to be absorbed by the paving surface and infiltrate into the ground below. Stormwater that runs off of impervious concrete or asphalt can include high levels of pollution from motor oil, gasoline and other contaminants often found on parking lot surface. Porous paving is one way to reduce nonpoint source pollution.

Visit some parking areas made from porous paving materials around Athens!

Athens Welcome Center gravel pave lot.
Southeast Clarke Park grass pave lot.
Multi-Modal Transit Center visitor parking permeable paving lot.
Transportation and Public Works
permeable paving lot; 120 W. Dougherty St.
Chase Street Warehouses on Oneta St permeable pavers.
ACC Recycling Center on Hancock Industrial parking lot.

Download the Stormwater tour of Athens to visit porous paving lots, rain gardens and more!