Child Support Guidelines

New Guidelines

In 2007, Georgia child support law changed from a flat percentage to an income shares model. The new law applies to any action (pending as of January 1, 2007, or filed thereafter) in which a temporary or permanent child support order is sought or entered.

The judges of the Western Judicial Circuit have issued a standing order to provide additional guidance to litigants who file child support actions in the Western Judicial Circuit. This standing order and additional child support information / documents are available on this site. In reading the standing order and the other documents, you will find references to mandatory worksheets and schedules. To obtain the worksheets and schedules, view information provided by the Georgia Child Support Commission or the Division of Child Support Services.

Completed Worksheets / Documents

Once the appropriate worksheets / documents have been completed they may be emailed to the appropriate judges as follows:

Email submission is not a substitute for filing worksheets or schedules with the clerk of court pursuant to the applicable law.