Leaf & Limb

The Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department provides pick-up of leaf and limbs to all residents in Athens-Clarke County. By diverting and mulching leaf and limb material, we are meeting the requirements set forth by the state in 1996, which state that no yard waste may be disposed of in landfills, thereby saving valuable space. Athens-Clarke County began this program in 1994.

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REVISED SCHEDULE AS OF Monday February 26th, 2024. The following is a tentative schedule. 

February 26th thru March 1st, 2024 ACC leaf and limb crews will complete collection in Area C and start collection in Area D 

Contact Nancy Flowers Collection Route Supervisor at 762-400-7862 or email at collections@accgov.com for questions and/or comments. 

  For an update on the current schedule, call 706-613-3501 and press number 2.

  • Collection piles MUST be out by 8:00 A.M. on the Monday of your collection week.

Report missed leaf & limb pick up within 72 hours of the normally scheduled pick-up. Contact the Solid Waste Department at 706-613-3501, Press 7 or email collections@accgov.com.

Leaf and Limb Collection Guidelines Summary per ACC Code of Ordinance Sec. 5-2-7:

  • Leaf and Limb collection is for residential customers only Residents are allowed one "load" per 6-week rotation.  A load is defined as 25 paper lawn refuse bags OR a pile of limbs that measures 6 ft. long by 6 ft. high by 4.5 ft. deep OR a combination of both.  Limbs & branches can be no more than 4 inches in diameter.
  • Residents are required to use paper lawn refuse bags for all grass clippings, pine straw, small brush, and leaves. No plastic bags will be accepted. Paper lawn refuse bags are available in the Home and Garden section of local retail stores.
  • Leaf and Limb material should be curbside by 8 AM on the Monday morning of your collection week.
  • Material may be placed curbside no more than ten (10) calendar days before the Monday of your collection week.
  • Material should be placed at the curb in front of an occupied residence for collection. Leaf and limb material will not be collected on empty lots, private drives or islands.
  • Entry on property by Athens-Clarke County vehicles and employees. Except as otherwise provided, Athens-Clarke County owned vehicles shall not enter upon private property to collect limbs or other solid waste, and employees are hereby prohibited from entering upon private property to collect limbs which are placed more than five feet behind the sidewalk or property line, whichever is the farthest from the center-line of the street.