Field & Court Section

About the Section

The Field and Court Section of the Clarke County Sheriff's Office has a total of 45 sworn and civilian employees and is divided into two functional sections: the Field Services Section and the Court Services Section. Both sections have their own specific functions in facilitating the judicial process. The Field Services Section strives to provide the best service possible with attention to promoting justice and developing strong positive relationships between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens it serves. Additional information concerning each section is outlined below.

Field Services Section

The primary responsibilities assigned to this section include processing felony and misdemeanor warrants, processing and serving civil process papers (such as protective orders, civil summons, subpoenas, evictions, fifas, and restraining orders), picking up inmates from other jurisdictions, and assisting other agencies as requested.

Court Services Section

The primary responsibility of this section is to ensure the safety and security of the Clarke County Courthouse and the people who appear and work in it. Specifically, this includes maintaining the safe environment of the various courts (Superior, State, Magistrate, Municipal, Juvenile, and Probate courts) and operating weapons-screening systems at the courthouse entrances. Other functions of this section include the safe transportation of prisoners to and from court, in-state and out-of-state extradition of prisoners, GCIC / NCIC operations, and the maintenance of the sexual offender files in Clarke County.

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