Administrative Section

About the Section

The Administrative Section is responsible for the coordination of all public relations and personnel management functions within the Sheriff’s Office, including public information, community relations, hiring, training, compensation, internal investigation, professional standards (CALEA National Accreditation, State Certification), staffing, purchasing, and budgeting. The section is divided into three functional units.

Personnel Unit

The Personnel Unit acts as liaison with the Athens-Clarke County Personnel Department in all matters involving member selection, hiring, payroll, equipment, investigation, discipline, complaints, and termination of employment.

The Internal Investigation Group is included within the Personnel Unit and is responsible for investigating all complaints of illegal or unprofessional staff conduct.

Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit is responsible for coordinating all media and public information releases, community service activities, community education programs, facility tours, and any other special office events.

Community Education programs include the D.A.R.E., PRIDE, Law Enforcement Explorers programs, and many more functions and events throughout the year.

Professional Standards and Training Unit

The Professional Standards and Training Unit is divided into two sections. The Training section is responsible for orientation of new members, in-service training for all existing members, and dissemination of office policies and procedures to affected members.

The Accreditation and Certification section is responsible for the management of the CALEA Accreditation process, while maintaining our CALEA National Recognition and State Certification status.

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