Reading Your Water Meter

How to Read Your Meter

If you would like to read your meter, please follow these steps:
1. Find the meter box.
2. Carefully remove the meter cover.
3. Look at the numbers in the boxes above the words "cubic feet"

We always convert the last digit to zero. For example, if the numbers on the meter are 014062, the actual meter reading on your bill would be 014060.

Calculate Your Usage

To find out how much water you have used since your last bill, subtract the reading on your last bill from the current meter reading:
Current reading 014060 cubic feet
Reading on last bill - 013530 cubic feet
Usage = 00530 cubic feet

Average water use is 200 to 300 cubic feet per person per month.

Potential Leaks

The red triangle spins when water is flowing through the meter. If all your water fixtures are off and the red triangle is still spinning, you may have a fixture that is not fully off or a leak. Leaks can waste a lot of water and cost you money, so be sure to check your hose connections, faucets, and toilets.

Reading Non-Residential Meters

The majority of meter installations are residential. For other meter installations, the location of the meter and type of meter may vary. Please call the Water Business Office at 706-613-3500 if you need assistance reading your meter.

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