Reading Your Water Meter

How to Read Your Meter

Calculate Your Usage
To find out how much water you have used since your last bill, subtract the reading on your last bill from the current meter reading:

Current reading014060 gallons
Reading on last bill- 013530 gallons
Usage = 00530 gallons

Potential Leaks
The above video explains how to use your meter to determine if you have a suspected leak.  Leaks can waste a lot of water and cost you money, so be sure to check your hose connections, faucets, and toilets.  Additional videos on our Water Conservation page demonstrate how to find and repair leaks.

Athens-Clarke County water customers can now sign up for WaterSmart, a free, online tool that utilizes the water consumption data gathered by the new AMI meters.  

Reading Non-Residential Meters
The majority of meter installations are residential. For other meter installations, the location of the meter and type of meter may vary. Please call the Water Business Office at 706-613-3500 if you need assistance reading your meter.

Printable information about water meters.