Welcome Noah Lagle Open Studio Monitor

Please welcome the Arts Center's new full time staff Noah Lagle.  Noah is the Arts Center's Open Studio Monitor and coordinator of adult art classes & workshops, the AIR program and all things art studio!  Noah has recently completed an MFA degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  His study concentration was in printmaking.  He has managed the university's studio facilities as well as being a Instructor of Record and the Letterpress Technician. He is the founder of Public Works Press that publishes contemporary artist limited print editions. Previously he was Assistant Supervisor and Technician at the University of Vermont.  Noah is a practicing artist with a number of solo shows and group shows to date.  For more art information please visit Noah's website HERE

Noah will be conducting Saturday orientations ay 11 am for renewing and new members.  For more info - noah.lagle@accgov.com


Left: Merely The Residue  Right: Displaces The Boundary Stones