Sanctuary: Mary Engel & Cheryl Washburn

Lukasiewicz Gallery

July 1 – October 7, 2023

Artist Reception: Saturday July 8, 2 - 4pm

The Sanctuary exhibition combines the work of two artists with a shared passion for animals. Though their media of choice differs greatly, from Engel's large scale adorned animal figures to Washburn's peachable kingdom paintings, these two artists are compassionate for and inspired by creatures of all kinds.


“I live in Athens, Georgia with my husband Chris, Gabrielle our dog and 300,000 honeybees. Time spent in nature deepens my connection with the land and its inhabitants. We grow native plants for the pollinators and birds. I am always thrilled to see them enjoy the bounty. I love visiting sacred places, hiking, swimming and encounters with animals. Favorite sightings have been pumas, condors, wombats, Tasmanian devils, sloths, coati, owls, hawks and bears.

I have been sculpting animals for over 30 years. My desire is to depict the animal as an individual, reveal their profound spirit and call attention to the needs of its herd, pack, pod or family. My intention is to share stories for those who cannot speak for themselves and to advocate for multi species environmental justice. This body of work is a response to the unprecedented global crisis of species loss and endangerment. The grief I feel at this loss is rivaled only by the beauty of the animal’s presence. I respond to this simultaneous joy and sadness by creating pieces that are a celebration of the animal."  - Mary Engel

Najin Rhino in show

Cheryl Washburn’s Sanctuary series of oil paintings features animals from several local non-profit animal rescues, including a farm animal sanctuary, two wildlife rehabilitation centers, a house rabbit rescue, and a horse rescue.

“I am an Athens native who is passionate about animal rescue and have been a supporter and volunteer at several non-profit animal rescue organizations over the years. I have been painting for the last 30 years, and painting in oils for the last 7 years.”  - Cheryl Washburn