2022 Ripple Effect Film Project Winners

Filmmakers of all ages and levels of experience created original short films about water conservation and water stewardship. 

The finalists’ films made a splash at the "Blue Carpet Premiere" on March 19, 2022, at the Morton Theatre. Watch this year's five award winners below and see all the finalist films on YouTube.

Title:  Thirsty World

Winner:  Best in Festival

Filmmaker:  Waylon Vaughn, 8th Grade, Clarke Middle School

Category:  Healthy Water, Healthy People

Title:  H2O SuperherOs

Winner:  Best in Category

Filmmaker:  Banks County Primary, 2nd grade, Teacher - Lisa Thomas

Title:  Water You Think?

Winner:  Audience Choice

Filmmakers:  Hayes, Luke, & Townes Swartz, Clarke Middle School & Chase St. Elementary

Category:  Healthy Water, Healthy Environment

Title:  I Live Here Too

Winner:  Best in Category

Filmmaker:  Jaxon Robinson, 1st Grade, Whitehead Elementary

Title:  Healthy Water: Keep Our Waterways Clean

Winner:  Audience Choice

Filmmaker:  Girl Scout Troop 12084