Project Team

Key staff with the MGT team

Vernetta Mitchell headshot

Vernetta Mitchell Director/Project Manager

Ms. Mitchell is an industry expert in minority business program evaluation, disparity analysis, and business for over 23 years. Professional knowledge expands from  program management of small, minority, and women business programs within local government, construction, and private sector. In addition, she has in-depth knowledge of procurement processes, to include, but not limited to construction management at risk, qualification based solicitation, e.g. request for qualifications (RFQ), request for proposals (RFP). Project Responsibilities: Project Management, Subcontractor Management, Lead Qualitative Researcher.

Andres Bernal, J.D. headshotAndres Bernal, J.D., Director 

Mr. Bernal has research experience in economic theories, including Microeconomics Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Econometrics, Regression Analysis, Human and Labor Resource Economics. He conducts extensive research using statistics and mathematical computation to analyze data using his extensive experience working with SAS, SPSS, database design, Excel, Access, and other Microsoft Office Suites. In addition, Mr. Bernal is a juris doctor and is fluent in English and Spanish. Project Responsibilities: Legal Researcher, Lead Quantitative Researcher

Fred Seamon, Ph.D. headshotFred Seamon, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, Emeritus

Dr. Seamon has over 30 years of consulting, research, and graduate teaching experience and has played a major role in over 100 of MGT’s disparity studies. His disparity study areas of expertise include qualitative research methods, community engagement, and outreach and policy analysis. Project Responsibilities: Policy Research, Technical Advisor 

Local Partners

AFJ Consulting

AFJ Consulting (Dunwoody, GA) is a market research consultancy dedicated to leveraging technology in our research projects to provide cost-effective and adaptive research solutions. 

Project Responsibilities: Conduct in-depth interviews with area businesses and with trade associations and business organizations and area business owners. 


SkyBase7 (Tallahassee, FL) is a WBE market research firm. SkyBase7 offers a broad range of research solutions from focus groups to telephone surveys to any number of mixed-mode research methodologies.

Project Responsibilities: Conduct availability surveys and qualitative research surveys of firms in the market area.