Lupita's Revenge: Shadow Puppet Theater

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November 18, 2021 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Lyndon House Arts Center North Lawn

Athens Clarke County Leisure Services Department and the ACC Arts Division are pleased to host Lupita’s Revenge, a 45-minute shadow-puppet play created and performed by an alliance of musicians and visual artists from Athens, GA, on November 18th at 7:00 pm. This is a free outdoor event to take place on the North Lawn at the Lyndon House Arts Center. 

Written and Directed by Abel Klainbaum with Lead Visual Artist, Phil Jasen, Lupita’s Revenge is a lively play featuring love, vengeance, a long journey all of which is accompanied by a live soundtrack of Latin American classics performed by some of Athens favorite musical talents. Included are Megan Cole, vocals, Keiko Ishibashi, violin, Elijah Neesmith, bass, Jeremy Raj, guitar and Abel Klainbaum on accordion.   Joining Phil Jasen behind the stage are puppeteers Laura Maria Ramirez and SJ Ursrey. 

Lupita’s Revenge is performed with a traveling Cranky Theater, or a moving panoramic paper that is unrolled as the story and scenes unfold. Lit from behind, the characters are cut out paper silhouettes held on sticks.  The story of Lupita’s Revenge starts in Mexico City in 1929 ending up in Valdosta GA twenty years later with Lupita’s conquest and a victorious ending.

This all ages event is free and outside. Reservations are required. Please find the reservation link above and on our social media.  

Warm clothes and blankets are recommended.   Please note there are some adult themes such as vengeance, fighting but all artistically portrayed.  From the producers, “If your child can disembowel gladiators on video games…then your child will probably think that we are downright quaint.”

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PLEASE NOTE: The Lyndon House Art Galleries will be opening new exhibitions on November 18.  Guest can visit the art exhibitions and reserve a spot to view Lupita's Revenge. Fall/Winter shows include:

The Figure Ground exhibition asks the question: how does introductory art lessons in color and composition relate to contemporary life?   In two-dimensional design, or color and composition classes, the terms Positive Space and Negative Space are interchangeable for Figure and Ground, implicating that one aspect of the composition has more importance. This exhibit perhaps inquires that the positive and negative are interchangeable and that perceptions, while learned, can be shifted. Artists included are Kevin Cole, William Downs, Phil Jasen, (the Lead Visual Artist and Puppeteer for Lupita's Revenge), Susan Nees, Terry Rowlett, Kate Windley, and Sunkoo Yuh.

Follow Like Friend is an exhibition of artworks that comment on issues surrounding social media: connection, disconnection, and surveillance. The exhibition features artworks by Alyssa Davis, Kimberly Riner, and Stephanie Sutton.

Curation of Self Image, an exhibition proposal curated by Kendall Rogers. “Every day, we all curate the way others see us. Our social media profiles are carefully and meticulously curated to portray ourselves in a certain way. The things we post, like, and repost become a sort of “mood board” or general overview of ourselves and our personality that we show to the world.” – Kendall Rogers. Working within the theme of self-image, this exhibit features works by Parawita Staumm, Anjali Howlett, Lauren Schuster, Monsie Troncosco, Emmie Harvard and Alan Barrett.

Featured in the Lobby Case is Chants/Chance: Tincture, Totem and Charms, fantastical sculptural assemblages by artist and musician George Davidson.